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about me

In my role as a therapist, I see you as an expert in your life situation.

Together, we will explore your challenging life situation from different perspectives to gain new insights and find the appropriate solution for you.

I always approach things and your experiences with respect and curiosity.

Within the safe space of therapy or counseling, I will uncover and resolve blockages in the dynamics of your personal growth, whether it's with individuals, couples, or families. This will help us develop new perspectives and more satisfying patterns of living together.

Empathy allows me to recognize the emotions behind the words.

I consider the regular practice of mindfulness in my own life as a way of living, which helps me approach situations and emotions with openness, even when they are difficult to bear. This creates possibilities for new courses of action.

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how i work

Systemic therapy is an approach that focuses on the relationships and interactions between individuals and their social environment. It is an effective therapeutic method for individuals, couples, and families who are experiencing professional or personal crises, having psychological difficulties, or suffering from high levels of stress, doubt and anxiety, or depression.

My focus during therapy sessions is on the attitude of mindfulness and "bringing awareness". So, we first learn to understand what is happening and then accept what is going on within ourselves and in the environment. Mindfulness can help reduce the physical and mental effects of stress and depression and strengthen self-confidence and the ability to cope with challenges.

I work with a Schema Therapy approach, an integrative approach that combines elements from cognitive-behavioral therapy, psychoanalysis, and gestalt therapy. It helps to recognize and change negative patterns and beliefs that originated in childhood or adolescence and contribute to current problems. Through Schema Therapy, individuals can learn to better understand themselves and connect with others in a healthier way.

Whether you are an individual, couple, or family in a difficult situation or having psychological difficulties, systemic therapy can help you develop better coping strategies and improve your relationships with others. By combining mindfulness and schema therapy, systemic therapy can help you recognize the root of your problems and overcome them to lead a fulfilling life.